About Us


I’m Fredrick, the sole author of Coolpoolhelp.com at the moment. I grew up with pools and hot tubs at both my parent’s houses. My father is also a pool builder with 25 years of experience and my little brother is in the industry as well as an engineer.

I am passionate about pools and backyard design. I also love swimming and am in the pool multiple times a week. In the industry, I work as an office manager who is putting together contracts for pool builds with customers. This gives me a unique insight into the industry as I am involved with pool builds on a daily basis and am part of the customer service team with customers. This allows me to understand a lot of issues and concerns people have with their pools. Not just the negatives though, I also get to hear what things they are most happy about with their pool builds!

I thought I would create a blog to put all of the wisdom from my family online to help people solve the answers to some of their biggest questions with their pool purchase or pool build! I hope you enjoy your time on the site and please do reach out to me if you have any questions!