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Buying a new pool can take a lot of due diligence to be sure you are going with the right pool brand and manufacturer. Most above ground pool manufacturers have great reputations otherwise pool installation experts like Doughboy or large sales stores like pool warehouse wouldn’t work with these companies. It’s still important to understand who you are buying from especially when investing in metal wall above-ground pools that will last decades.

The top pool manufacturers are as follows:

  • Intex Recreation Corp.
  • Bestway Inc.
  • Aqua Leader Industries Inc.
  • Coleman Company Inc.
  • Doughboy Recreational Holdings, Inc.
  • Cornelius
  • Atlantic
  • Wilbar Group
  • Embassy Poolco

I’ll dive into each of these manufacturers below to give you more information about their company, what they do, and how to contact them. If you decide on a company but don’t know what size you need, be sure to check out my article here which discusses the best pool size for you and your family.

Intex above ground Pool Manufacturer

Intex Recreation Corp.

This brand is the leader in quality soft-walled easy set-up above-ground pools that have become so popular recently. Growing up, these types of pools were not an option for homeowners so it’s great to see affordable above-ground pools from companies like Intex on the market to bring swimming fun to families who might not be able to afford or want to make the big investment into a metal walled pool.

Intex is also extremely innovative as a brand holding many patents for above-ground pool supplies, equipment, and pool designs. You can purchase all of their popular pools easily and quickly on their Intex Amazon Store.

Intex Corp Contact

P.O. Box 1440
Long Beach, CA 90801-1440

Customer Service
Mon–Fri 8:30am – 5pm PST
1-(310) 549-8235


Bestway Above Ground Pool

Bestway Inc.

A big competitor of Intex and other soft walls above-ground pool brands is Bestway. This brand doesn’t just focus on pools though, they are well known in the inflatables markets for the last 10 years. They have other products such as bounce houses, air mattresses, air furniture, swim gear, and more. They also hold many patents in above-ground pools among their other products as well.

Bestway’s Above Ground Pool prices are typically cheaper than Intex and I believe the quality to be very similar. You can also check out all of the pool products they make on their Amazon Store. If you are in the market for a soft wall pool or even inflatable toys I would check out Bestway.

Bestway Inc. Contact

435 S Mcqueen Rd, Chandler, Arizona, 85286
(908) 354-8500

Polygroup Summer Waves Pool


This company is known in the above-ground pool industry for its summer waves lines of soft wall above ground pools. Polygrounp started by manufacturing Christmas trees originally but expanded its brand to include many other products. As of writing this article, they also have some new pool toy brands in the pipeline called Funsicle.

What I like most about Polygroups pools is that they stand out in design with their unique mesh thatch-looking exterior that I think creates some potential backyard design implementation to make the pools stand out. For me, above-ground pools typically look like an eyesore without a lot of work but I like that summer waves came up with something unique that can really make it look great. They sell all of their pool products on Amazon but can also be found in stores like Walmart and Sam’s Club!

Polygroup Contact

U.S. Toll-Free Phone Number:
1 (888) 919-0070

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST
(Expanded hours during peak season)


Coleman above ground pool

The Coleman Company

Coleman is an extremely popular and well-known brand in the camping and outdoor space. They also dipped their toes into above-ground pools and spas! The thing I don’t like about Coleman here in the above-ground pool space is that this production line doesn’t seem important to them compared to the other products. You can’t find their pools on their website or in the menus on their amazon store.

I knew about Coleman’s pools through their small spa that they released which has a great reputation as an excellent product. Then I was able to see their above-ground pools and just like summer waves I enjoyed what they were doing with the designs of their above-ground pools which are unique and interesting. I would rather go with one of the other brands mentioned above over a Coleman as I want someone who just focuses on above-ground pools like an Intex brand. You can still check their products out though and see what you think.

I won’t list Colemans’ contact here because they don’t even list Pools on their website.

Aqua Leaders Partial Above Ground Pool

Aqua Leader Industries

This Canadian Pool Manufacturing company has been around since the 70s and specializes in making different models of above-ground resin pools. This manufacturer supplies many big-name brands in the pool space like poolsupplies.com, Poolwarehouse.com, Poolfactory.com, and many dealers/distributors with many of their pool models.

Aqua Leader has a stellar reputation in the above ground pool community and these pools are known for being of extreme quality. Something to note about Aqua leader pools is that they provide a great warranty on their workmanship and material under normal use and care. Aqua leaders models can also be installed partially Inground. This installer has massive pool options as well, if you want something big consider reading up in my article, what is the biggest above ground pool size?

7050 St Patrick
La Salle, Québec
H8N 1V2
(514) 363-3599
Fax: (514) 363-3643

Doughboy Pool

Doughboy Pools (Hollowell Industries)

Doughboy Pools, most likely the most recognizable brand name among above-ground pool manufacturers, Doughboy Pool’s history goes back to World War 1 and expanded into recreational pool products shortly after. This company has a stellar reputation for the pools and liners that they manufacture in Arkansas. They even provide a lifetime warranty on their liners from any factory defects.

One of the stand-out features of Doughboy pools is their expandable liners that can create a deep end for your above-ground pool up to 7 feet. This is an additional foot deeper than typical expandable liners on the market. Doughboy pools have models that can also be installed inground, which as far as I know is the only company that can do a full inground installation with their pool models.

Doughboy Pools Contact

315 N Sebastian St, West Helena, Arkansas, 72390
(870) 572-3466


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