Do Above Ground Pools Lower Property Value?

do above ground pools lower property value?

This is a great question and I think I have some recommendations that could help. It is a nuanced topic though that depends a lot on location. One of the first aspects you may want to consider before installing that above-ground pool or even inground pool is if this is going to be yours forever home. If it is, then you might not care so much about what others value your home’s worth while you are living there. So, do above ground pools lower property value?

Above-ground pools rarely add value to your home even if they are partially buried or built with surrounding decking. Stand-alone unburied above-ground pools will mostly be regarded as non-permanent structures that won’t be adding any value to your home, and possibly even devalue your home depending on appearance. When eye-appealing landscaping and decking are added to an above-ground pool, it’s possible but not 100% that it could add value to your home but never as much as you have invested into it.

Let’s jump in and answer some specific questions about above-ground pools and the value that they may or may not add to the price of your home.

do above ground pools lower property value?

How Much Value Does an Above-ground Pool Add to Your Home?

Not much if any value will be added to your home from an above-ground pool. The industry standard recommendation for sellers to consider is that an inground concrete pool could add 7%-8% in value to your home but this does not apply to above-ground pools. Even inground pools that are much more expensive and are permanent structures add value to a home. The only time that this is an exception is if the pool is built indoors. You have more of a chance of your pool being appealing and adding value to your home in areas that have year-round swimming weather temperatures like Florida, California, Arizona, etc.

If your home does have value-added from your above-ground pool, it will be up to the individual appraiser to determine how much value it does add. This wouldn’t be a simple answer I could give you in an article like this, each appraisal is on a case-by-case basis. I can guarantee though, you will not get close to the money you spent on your pool and surrounding area added to the value of your home.

Does a Pool Add Value to Your Appraisal?

The appraisal of your home is specifically up to each individual appraiser. Some appraisers may add value if your above-ground pool is partially or fully buried as I mentioned above or built indoors. Even inground pools that have over $100,000 invested into them may not add value to a home. Compare that to above-ground pools which aren’t permanent even when buried and cost far less.

The appraiser will most likely consider the overall area that has been built onto the home with the pool. How do the landscaping, decking, and pool all work together to create an attractive ambiance for prospective buyers looking for a new home? If it all works together to create this stunning oasis then it is possible it could add some slight value in the eyes of an appraiser.

I can really see it both ways for the appraiser though. Having a pool built at a home will remove that home from the list of possible purchases for certain home buyers who have no desire to take on the liability of a pool in their backyard or the time and attention a pool requires in ongoing maintenance and upkeep. I can certainly see how this would lower the value and its overall worth in the eyes of the appraiser.

Is a House Worth More With or Without a Pool?

A house typically will not be worth more in the terms of value with or without a pool. A pool on a home that is up for sale should be considered more of a feature that might encourage a sale for those buyers who do want a pool. But the buyers are getting this pool at a cheap price in comparison to what you paid for it.

I would say having an inground pool most likely will not devalue your home if it is in a warmer climate area and is attractive to the eyes. In colder climate areas where the pool will only be used at certain times of the year, it might be a toss-up if prospective buyers consider your pool a great feature or an extra burden in their lives.

For an above-ground pool, If you really want to get your home sold, I would be very open to removing the pool from the home if a buyer requests. You can read about selling your above-ground pool in my article. I would not consider an above-ground pool as adding more value to your home as a general rule of thumb. I would think of it like a carport, would you expect to get significant value added to your home because you built a nice carport? Probably not.

Would You Buy a House with an Existing Above Ground Pool? Why or Why Not?

If you are selling, you have a new place that you are moving to most likely so you should ask yourself this same question. Would you buy a new home with an above-ground pool and if so, what would it have to look like and what condition would it need to be in?

Personally, I would probably not buy a home with an existing above-ground pool unless it was partially buried and knew what brand/model the pool was along with the warranty information for the pool. Some brands are not meant to be buried and others that are meant to be buried are of cheaper quality compared to makers like Doughboy, Radiant, and Aqua Leaders pools. If it was a model like this with an appealing deck area that was in great shape that didn’t need any TLC from me, I would consider it but would not pay extra for it.

Conclusion: Do Above Ground Pools Lower Property Value?

No, I don’t believe that an above-ground pool is going to lower the value of your home. It will turn some buyers away from purchasing your home though, especially if you are not willing to remove the pool to make the sale. Rarely, an above ground pool might even add value to your home but even if it did you would not get the money back on your original investment for the pool, the only thing you could really hope for at best is an additional $5,000-$10,000 in value added to your home for a pristine above ground pool set up which surely costs more than the value you are adding.


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