How Much Are Pool Deck Jets and Laminars? Are They Worth The Cost?

Streams of water gracefully being arced into a pool are picturesque scenes that people commonly think of when dreaming of a beautiful pool or water feature. It’s one of the more common features we see requested when homeowners start to design their pool build.

The standard pool deck jet costs between $58-$137 for the jet, depending on the brand. Additional features for the deck jet cover can cost between $30-$67 per cover. A Laminar, which are a more modern deck jet with LED or Optic lights built in, cost between $484-$1065 per Laminar.

If you have an interest in getting a deck jet added to your pool build, I think we should dig a bit into the brands and pricing to find out if this feature is worth it or not.

Deck Jet Pricing and Specs for Various Models

I’ve put together a list of the most popular deck jet brands for you to check out below. You’ll notice that the Jany, Hayward, and Pentair Deck Jets come in a 4-Pack.

Jany Pro Series Deck Jet (4-Pack)$480.00
CMP Natural Wonders Deck Jet (adjustable)$92.17
CMP Natural Wonders Deck Jet (non-adjustable)$109.99
Hayward Deck Jet 500 (4-Pack)$369.00
Pentair Deck Jet II Magicstream (4-Pack)$549.00 Brass Jets$89.99 Jet Kit$57.99
Deck Jet Pricing

The specs for your standard deck jet will give you about 2 ft – 8 ft of distance on the x-axis as pictured below. The height of your stream can be from 3 ft – 10 ft on the Y-axis give or take a foot or two depending on the brand you choose. You can swivel 360 degrees with a deck jet, change the degree, and adjust the pressure of the jet as well to give you the right arc to hit the correct location inside your pool.

X and Y Axis for Deck Jet Stream

I’ve also listed some pricing below so you can have an idea of what it might cost to change or replace the cover for your deck jet. This pricing list is for various brands but you will find the pricing to be similar across all brands.

Deck Jet Cover Replacement $20.00
Molded Deck Jet Square Covers$29.88
Brass Deck jet Covers$66.59
Deck Jet Cover Pricing

Deck Jet Installation Costs

This is the part that will dig into your budget. Deck Jet installation is cheap compared to other water features but will still be considered expensive by most. You can expect to pay $1000-$1500 per Jet for installation in your pool build.

The pool builder will have to set up the plumbing for your jets and then set everything into your deck before pouring it. While pouring and finishing the deck around the inserted pool jet. This is why these features can sometimes have a hefty price tag.

Are Deck Jets Worth the Price?

This question is definitely in the eye of the beholder because it’s your pool and design. If you love having deck jets arcing into your pool adding some dramatic flare to your pool party and the ambiance of your backyard then go for it! As far as cost is concerned, these are the most affordable pool feature you can add to give your pool a little bit of character.

Personally, I don’t love the deck jets on a pool design. I would apply my budget to something more appealing to me like laminars which add some spectacular lighting to a pool for a dramatic and eye-opening feature at night.

Quote from Pool Supply Owner

What are Laminars?

A Laminar is a deck jet with built-in LED or Fiber Optic lighting that will add incredible ambiance to a pool. The arc of water is lit up throughout the entire stream creating a beautiful display. There is a range of colors like Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow to choose from for the laminar stream. Combine the colored streams with light from your pool for an incredible wow factor for anyone visiting your backyard at night.

Image by India Mart

What’s the catch? A Laminar is much more expensive than your standard pool deck jet. You can see the pricing below for Pentair and Jandy Laminar.

Pentair Magicstream Laminars $1,016 -$1,065
Jandy RGBW LED Laminar Jet w/Pebble Lid$1,199.99
Jandy Laminar Jet LED w/Pebble Lid$699.99
Jandy Fiber Optic Laminar Jet$484.95
Laminar Pricing

If you decide to go with a Laminar for your pool. I recommend being diligent in finding out what the warranty situation will be from Jandy or Pentair. If you spend the budget for a Laminar but the light goes out, then you have just bought a more expensive and weaker deck jet. You will want to know how much to replace the light if it’s fully covered, and how long it will take for someone to service it.

In my initial research, I found that customers seemed to have a few issues with the Magicstream from Pentair but that might just be the few and loud.

What’s the cost for Laminar installation?

Laminar jet installation (including the price of the Laminar) will most likely cost you above $3,500 per Laminar. This is a trickier installation that includes electrical and drainage which is why it’s more expensive to install than the Deck Jet installation. Prices for installation of anything will vary depending on your pool builder and location, but these are initial ballpark figures for you to be able to budget into your pool build.

Something to Think About When Designing Your Pool

If you’ve come this far in your research, then you know by now that the cost to build a pool can be expensive. Water Features are going to start adding to the quote to get your pool built so you’ll want to get features that you feel will make a difference. Will 4 pool deck jets added to your pool give it that wow factor? I think it probably wouldn’t, but you might love laying in the backyard on your favorite chair listening to the steady stream of water hit the pool on a hot summer day. So, to each their own.

Deck Jets are rather inexpensive compared to other water features but they may not be worth spending your budget on if you are trying to save money or would like to invest in a different feature like a water slide, fire bowl, or even a Laminar with some stunning pool lighting!


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