How to Fill Up a Pool without a Hose? No Spigot, No Problem!

Summertime is here and we are ready to swim! But, filling up your pool with a hose isn’t an option for you? Well, you better start filling up those buckets! 

If you don’t have a spigot coming from your house, then you’ll have some issues filling up your pool with a hose. If you want to fill up your pool without a hose you will have to use a Water Truck Delivery Service or get the Fire Department to fill up your pool with their hose and a Fire Hydrant. Both of these options are more expensive than just buying a hose and filling it up from a spigot connected to your home. If you are looking to fill up a small pool for yourself or your children you can connect a hose to a faucet inside of your home using an adaptor.

I’ll spend some time helping you to troubleshoot how to fill up your pool without a hose. 

How to fill up the pool without a hose?

If you have no way to hook up a hose to your home to get water into your pool. You’ll have to opt for water delivery or get help from the fire department to get access to your local hydrant. I have a long blog post on why I wouldn’t recommend using the Fire Hydrant method here, so you can read that if you would are considering that option.

Water delivery is an absolute gem of an option if you can afford it. This will fill up your pool completely in a matter of hours. There are even some pool delivery options that will have a treated pool that is ready to swim. You’ll still have to balance out the water but you’ll be swimming the fastest in your pool with this option.

Water Truck delivery prices vary from area to area, so you’ll have to find a water truck delivery in your area to find out the exact costs. When you give them a call be sure to let them know how many gallons your pool holds so they can give you a proper estimate. 

Filling up with a fire hydrant isn’t even always possible, so you’ll have to contact your city to check this out. There are issues with filling up from a hydrant that I wouldn’t want to deal with so I would personally recommend the water truck delivery even if it is more costly.

If you are looking to fill up a paddling pool or a small kiddy pool then water delivery is really a waste of money. If you do actually have a hose but don’t have a spigot, check out the recommendations I have below. Or you can look at this article discussing the quickest way to fill your pool, it even gives time estimates if you are in a pinch.

Where can you hook up a hose without a spigot?

Perhaps you don’t have a spigot on the outside of your home that you can connect to for water to fill your pool. If you have other connections in your house you might be able to run your hose there to fill up your pool.

You could check in the laundry room of your home to connect to the water faucet there. If the distance is too long you may need to connect two hoses together but this could be a solution worth checking out. 

If there are any faucets in your home that you could connect to you might be able to get the water from there to fill up your pool. If it’s a large-sized pool, this may not be the solution for you but it may be worth a shot. 

Can you use your neighbor’s hose to fill your pool?

This is where having good relationships in the neighborhood might come in handy. If you have a neighbor’s house that is close enough to run a hose to your pool you might be able to fill up from their house. If the distance is too great, then you could connect two hoses together as mentioned earlier.

If you know the number of gallons you’ll need for your pool, then you can just calculate how you used based on the price of your neighbor’s latest water bill. If it is a large pool, then I recommend reading my article here to learn more about filling up your pool using city water. You could save some money on sewage charges depending on where you live. Once you have the amount calculated, you can pay your neighbor for what you used. Perhaps buy them a 6 pack as well for being such cool neighbors!

How to fill up a kiddy pool without a hose?

This method isn’t really “without” a hose but I take it most people mean that they don’t have a spigot. Let’s connect your hose to your kitchen sink if you are filling up a kiddy pool. You can purchase an adaptor to connect your kitchen sink to your hose and then run it outside to your pool. You’ll be able to fill up a small pool in a matter of hours using this method. 

It’s surprising actually that more people don’t know they can get an adaptor like this one that connects to their sink. Actually, a tiktok video even went viral when the video showed the man connected a hose to his kitchen sink to fill up a kiddy pool. 

Hack for filling up your small pool without a spigot or faucet adapter

Okay, here is my final tip and this is really some macgyver moves for filling up a small kiddy pool. Run a hose from your pool to your bathroom. Fill up your bathtub with as much water as you can. Go back outside to your hose at the swimming pool and suck on that end of the hose. Be careful, because after a couple of minutes, water is going to be coming out and you don’t want to choke. Once the water starts coming out, you can place this into your pool. Go back inside and turn your bathtub faucet back on to keep water in your bathtub that can filter into your pool. If you want to keep the hose inside the bathtub and the pool without manually holding them down into the water you can zip-tie something heavy to both ends to keep the hose submerged in the water. You can also use a pump like this one.

This is obviously not an ideal way to fill up a pool and I would not recommend it if you have a large pool as you run the risk of flooding your bathroom if you aren’t careful.


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