Is a 16×32 Pool Big Enough?

is a 16x32 pool big enough?

If you are looking for an average-sized pool that will meet most needs except for very large gatherings then I believe the 16×32 pool is big enough for nearly everyone. This is a good question to be asking though at the early stages of purchasing a pool. Let’s get into some specifics though about this pool size to make sure this is the right fit for you, your family, and your backyard.

A 16×32 pool is 512 sq. ft. and will average approximately 18,000-24,000 gallons of water depending on the depth of your pool. A 16×32 pool will hold 4-5 people comfortably swimming, lounging, and playing with a lot of space for everyone. You can fit even more people in this pool comfortably to play games like volleyball and basketball.

For the rest of the article I’ll discuss some more specifics to answer and do my best to completely answer the question is a 16×32 pool big enough? If you want even more insight, check out my article about inground pool depth and size I go into much detail about the importance of designing your pool to fit your needs.

How Deep is a 16×32 Swimming Pool?

I’ll discuss specifically what I believe the best depths for the 16×32 pool are and it’s probably not what you think. As mentioned in my previous post about the 20’x40′ pool, I don’t believe the 16×32 is a great diving pool. This means that I just don’t believe that the slope that you require to reach the 8ft depth for diving is the best. It’s definitely possible and people do it but for me, I want a bit more distance on the bottom where the divers are jumping head-first into the pool.

I believe the 16×32 pool makes a great depth at 6.5 feet, you can still use jumping rocks here but absolutely no head-first diving. This size pool is also great for the sports bottom pools which use two shallow ends with the deeper part of the pool in the middle. This is a perfect arrangement for volleyball so that everyone is still standing in a shallower part of the pool while they play.

If you are limited on space though, and can’t move up in size to add that additional depth, as mentioned, you can still go 8 feet deep in this pool. It’s just not my personal recommendation. At 6.5 feet, the water would still be above nearly everyone’s head in the deep end and feet-first diving from kids and teens is safe. The average pool depth is much shallower than it was just 25 years ago and many families are happy with a 5-5.5 ft depth for their 16×32 pools but I would want something just a bit deeper for peace of mind.

How about 16×32 Above Ground Pools?

Above-ground pools average 3.5-4.5 feet deep on most models. This can be suitable for small kids to jump in but I don’t recommend it for teens or adults. You are going to hit the bottom, it probably won’t hurt but you are still going to hit it. If you are interested in getting a decent-sized above-ground pool like this, then the best models on the market come from Intex, Bestway, and Summer Waves.

In my opinion, these are great pools and last for 3-4 years when maintained well. Of course, who wouldn’t want an inground pool but sometimes it isn’t in the cards because of the cost.

16×32 Above Ground Pool Intex Brand

How Much are 16×32 Pools?

This is a huge topic and is really dependent on each individual backyard, but I can give some ballpark figures for these pools. The above-ground pools are really easy because you can order those online and the costs are clearly set out. The models mentioned above like Bestway range from $900-$1200 in the 16×32 size.

Fiberglass 16×32 Pools with no bells and whistles will average $60,000 USD.

Vinyl Liner 16×32 Pools with Basic shape and build will average $45-50,0000 USD.

Concrete 16×32 Pools, limited features, and limited decking will start at around $80,000 USD

These prices are extremely ballpark figures and depend so much on your location. There is literally a 20%-30% price difference between building an inground pool in a place like Arizona as compared to building the exact same pool in Michigan.


A 16×32 pool will satisfy the size demands of most families. The reason to step up in size is to add to the depth of the pool. Even adding depth and size to the pool isn’t as costly as you would think. Most pool costs come from additional features added. If you have a small to medium-sized family, I believe this pool size is really perfect if you are okay with a 6-6.5 foot depth or shallower.


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