Pool Toy Recommendations

While Dad may be the expert on most anything else we write about on Cool Pool Help. This is my time to shine! I absolutely love jumping in the pool for games and just goof around. After all, isn’t that why we spend so much time and effort on our pools. It’s a gathering place for friends and family.

The Watermelon Ball

This is one of the best pool toys money can buy. It’s one of the reasons it’s the most recommended and highly rated toys on Amazon. Playing catch is an absolute blast, keep away, and any other ball passed game you want to play this is the perfect fit. If you are very active in the pool, this is a must-have.

I would not recommend throwing it at anyone while they aren’t looking it’s a bit heavy.

Dunn-Rite Basketball Net and Hoop

Dunn-rite products are great but a bit expensive. The top tier basketball net and hoop is by far the best and I would recommend it if you have an active pool. If it’s more about relaxing and you rarely have guests, then the juice isn’t worth the squeeze here and you can check out the cheaper version here on Amazon, which is still fun but not as durable.

It’s a short list when it comes to my toy recommendations but I know what’s good!