Can an Above-Ground Pool Be 7 feet Deep?

Can an Above Ground Pool be 7 foot deep?

Many people are surprised to hear that you could actually make an above-ground pool deeper than usual. Typically, an above-ground pool has a flat bottom and is the same consistent depth throughout the entirety of the pool. It turns out that you can actually make it deeper, but how deep? Can an above-ground pool be 7 feet deep?

Yes, an above-ground pool can reach a depth of 7 ft. deep but requires a very special liner created by Doughboy Pools. The liner that will allow an above-ground pool to reach 72″ or 6 feet deep is called an expandable liner but they are not readily available any deeper than 72″ along the wall pool wall if you are buying them on your own. You can find expandable liners through many vinyl liner suppliers but getting the exact one that would fit your needs can be a bit tricky, especially during the busy season. If you want a pool that is deeper than 72″ then you need to contact Doughboy pools.

I believe this question brings up quite a few good points about the possible depth of above-ground pools and I wanted to jump more into it here. If you are interested in the sizes of above-ground pools then you can check out the entire article I wrote here.

Can an Above Ground Pool Have a Deep end?

I’m sure you already ascertained the answer to this question from reading above but to be more specific, yes, you can have a deep end in your above-ground pool. The expandable liner doesn’t require that you make the entire depth of the pool the same. Rather you could form a deep end on one end of your pool on an oval or rectangular above-ground pool. Or you could create a deep end in the middle of your pool if you have a circular pool. I guess you could do the same in an oval pool as well but it might seem a bit odd to not have a deep and shallow end on an oval-shaped pool.

If you are interested in checking out the expandable liner for your pool, you can check this liner from liner world which is available on Amazon.

An Above Ground Pool 7 Ft. Deep during Build.

Can An Above-Ground Pool Be Deeper in the Middle?

Absolutely, you could decide to make the deepest part of your pool be in the middle instead of going with a traditional deep end of the pool. I don’t know if I like that, but it could make a lot of sense given the popularity of sports bottom pools which I am a fan of. If the deep end was in the middle of your pool it would make playing volleyball possible on a circular pool while not taking up all of your shallow area of the pool.

If you have kids jumping from a deck out into the pool, having the deep end in the middle might make sense as well.

How Deep Can an Above-ground Pool Be?

As mentioned earlier, the maximum depth that you can get along the walls of an above-ground pool is 72 inches or 6 ft deep when buying the expandable liner on your own. Doughboy pools can make above-ground pools that are up to 7.5 feet deep though. The pool depth will actually be a bit shallower than that as you won’t raise your water level up the entirety of the pool wall. It will be approx. 6″ shorter.

This depth won’t be deep enough for head-first diving, and diving should never be done in any above-ground pool. But, I believe making the pool deeper to the 6 ft.- 7 ft. level is great for jumping feet first, especially by kids who won’t hurt themselves along the bottom of the pool at this depth.

Personally, all of our above-ground pools have only been at the 52″ depth so I don’t have any experience building this out, but personally, I don’t believe it’s complicated and worth the endeavor if you decide to purchase an above-ground pool kit. If you do and have a big family, I believe the 24′ circular pool is a good option,

Can You Make an Above Ground Pool Deeper?

Yes, if you have an existing above-ground pool when you go to replace the liner it’s possible to dig out a deep end during that time and install a new expandable liner. You would of course have to be extremely careful not to damage or make the existing structure of the pool unstable. It might even be the best option to take down the walls and put the whole pool back up.

I think it’s an extremely interesting option though for existing pool owners. You can completely refresh the look of your pool with a brand-new liner of different colors and patterns while creating a deep end.

How to have an Above Ground Pool with a Deep End?

If this article has convinced you that getting a deep end for your above-ground pool is the way to go, then I’m happy. I believe the same thing too. I am an inground pool man through and through but I know it isn’t always the most prudent decision to make.

You’ll need to start the process by choosing the size and shape for the above-ground pool you want, there are some pool kits you can order online here or visit your local retailer like Doughboy. You’ll need to order the appropriate size expandable liner. When you dig out your pool, you’ll need to plan a section of the hole that will be 72″ or shallower from the bottom of your hole to the top of the wall.

I have included a video here from Liner World that gives the steps of installation. I would personally hire a contractor to help, while most of us are pretty good at the DIY jobs, I believe it’s best to just get these things done by someone with experience so it’s quick, efficient, and most importantly safe.


I think the expandable liner opens up a lot of new doors for above-ground pool owners to have a deep end on their pool plus refresh their existing pool build. These above-ground liner pool kits with steel walls are built to last a really long time when well taken care of. I think the addition of being able to create a unique deep end on the build makes them even more worth the initial investment.


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