Is a 24 ft Above-Ground Pool Big Enough?

is a 24 foot above ground pool big enough?

Pool size without a doubt is one of the biggest questions prospective pool buyers ask themselves while making a decision on which pool is right for their home. There are plenty of factors that go into the decision, backyard space being a big one. Even if you have that determined though, you might ask yourself questions like, Is a 24 ft above-ground pool big enough for my family? Should I go bigger or smaller?

When it comes to pools, typically, bigger is better. It’s a familiar line you here in many pool owner groups, “no one ever said they wish they had a smaller pool”. A 24 ft is a really nice sized pool but it could be too big or too small depending on some factors.

A 24 ft pool is big enough to easily fit a family of 5-6 people swimming on a regular basis in the home. For parties, you can fit 10-12 people in the pool for relaxation, games, and socializing. A 24 ft above-ground pool will take up 452 sq. ft. of space in your backyard plus additional space for decking. The pool will also hold approx. 13,000 gallons of water if 4 ft deep on average.

This information alone probably won’t help you in making your decision. There are many factors at play but you can take a look at my article, what size above ground pool should I get?, in that article I take a deep dive into size options for homeowners looking to buy a pool. Continue reading below, I get more into the details about the 24 ft. diameter above-ground pool along with other pool owners’ recommendations of the 24 ft. vs the 27 ft.

is a 24 ft pool big enough for a family of 4 or 5?
A family enjoying a 24 ft. Pool with Plenty of Space to Spare

How Many People Can Fit in a 24 ft Above Ground Pool?

I touched on this earlier but I think we can deep dive with specifics. For daily family time in the pool, 5 or 6 people will fit perfectly in this pool. That’s enough space for the kids to play and splash with mom and dad on their own side of the pool relaxing. It’s plenty of space for 5 or 6 people to play a competitive game of Volleyball or just swim around socializing.

What most of us are curious about is how many people will we be able to fit into the 24 ft pool during a party. Well, the answer to that is, a lot! This pool can easily accommodate 10-11 adults hanging out in the pool socializing, or even some games although it would be a bit of a tight fit when everyone is moving around. No one would be swimming laps or anything of the sort with this many people in the pool, but at parties, it is really about hanging out and socializing for the adults and being rambunctious and crazy for the kids. Which is this size pool can do that.

How Much Water is in a 24 ft Round Pool?

As mentioned above, this pool will hold Approx. 13,000 gallons of water at 4 ft depth. There are options to have a deeper pool if you decide to get the expandable liner. If that’s the case, we can assume a deep end of 72″ with a shallow end of 48″, if that’s the case then the amount of water this pool will hold can be approximately 20,000 Gallons. That is a really huge pool. If you want to consider getting a deep end then check out my article here that will walk you through above-ground pool depths.

should i get a 24 ft pool or 27 ft pool?
A massive party in a 27′ pool

Deciding between the 24 ft and 27 ft Above-Ground Pool

This will be the toughest decision you’ll probably make if you do decide that this size pool is what you want. The 24 ft and 27 ft pools won’t be too far apart in the price for the initial purchase, so you’ll be left asking our original question is a 24 ft pool big enough? or should I get a 27 ft. pool? This is, of course, is really going to depend on how often you have parties or how active your family is in the pool, but I think if you can fit the pool in your yard, it doesn’t hurt to go bigger. If you are really limited in space, consider something small like the 18 ft pool, I went into detail about it in this article which includes prices and brands.

Here are some quotes from Facebook Users in an Above Ground Pool Facebook Group as they give their advice on 24 ft. Pools.

I have the 24 and its perfect…swimming 24ft is longer than you think:)… It’s plenty big enough for 5 or 6 people to fit comfortably… This size is great for the price especially if you’re going to heat it…and the chemicals. I am glad that I didn’t go bigger, but I also don’t have any kids.

Anonymous User, Facebook Above Ground Pool Owners

We have a 24. It was perfect when the kids were small. Now that they are teens i wish i had a 27!!! 24 is adequate- but if i could do it again I’d go 27.

Anonymous User, Facebook Above Ground Pool Owners

Here is my 24’. It’s plenty big for us. I’ve had 15-20 in this pool. We play volleyball in it, 8 adults 2-3 kids & there is plenty of room. Volleyball net across the whole pool

Anonymous User, Facebook Above Ground Pool Owners

Mine is 24’. Plenty of room, but wished we would have done a 27’ because it was only $300 more

Anonymous User, Facebook Above Ground Pool Owners

As you can see, it’s a split decision but as I said above, I think bigger is better in this case, and if the space is available just grab the bigger size pool. I don’t think you’ll regret it. There are some considerations with the bigger size like initial price, slightly higher utility bill, and slightly higher budget for pool chemicals. I don’t believe this price difference between these two sizes is enough to swing a person against getting the bigger size though.


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