Is a 12×24 Pool Big Enough?

One of our biggest fears when investing in a pool, even if it’s a small investment, is if the pool is going to be big enough. Rarely are we concerned if it’s going to be too big! Who doesn’t mind a bit of space in the pool?

A 12×24 pool is the recommended size for a family or group of 3-4 people that would like to do some swimming, play games, and relax. At 288 sq. ft., this would give each swimmer approx. 72 sq. ft. of space to swim and play. You can of course have more swimmers in a pool of this size, especially teens and children.

I do typically recommend 130 sq. ft. per swimming in my recommendations on this blog but for me, I believe the 12’x24′ is a decent size small pool that can be found for purchase in all pool types but it is below average pool size. Is a 12×24 pool big enough? That depends on your activity level and the number of people but if you want to explore more information about sizes check out this article on our blog about inground pool sizes.

If you are in the market for a 12’x24′ pool, I’m going to jump into more details about that particular pool size below to hopefully help answer any questions you might have and hopefully determine if it’s the right size pool for you.

is a 12'x24' pool big enough?
Beautiful 12×24 pool with water feature

How Many Gallons in a 12’x24′ Swimming Pool?

The gallons of a swimming pool greatly depend on its depth. We can get a close approximation though using 4 ft. deep as our base. Even if you build an inground 12’x24′ pool that has a greater depth, a majority of your pool will still be close to 4ft. as this is where most activity in a pool takes place and the deeper part of the pool will take up less space in the overall square footage.

# of PeopleWidth ft.Length ft.Sq. ft.Approx. Gallons

It is safe to assume that a 12’x24′ pool can range from approx. 9,000-10,000 gallons depending on your depth. In the context of pool sizes, this is a smaller pool to maintain and keep balanced.

How Deep is a 12’x24′ Pool?

This greatly depends on the type of pool and this size is available in all above-ground and inground pools. Your typical portable above-ground pool is going to be an average of 3.5-4ft deep, Above-ground pool kits made with steel walls can be a bit deeper at 3.5-4.5 feet, and inground pools can be as deep as you want. This being said, I wouldn’t recommend going deeper than 6.5ft on a 12’x24′ inground pool. The slope required to get to this depth is going to be steep and take away much of the room in the shallow end that can be used for games.

I do like a 6.5 ft- 7ft depth though to make jumping in the pool safer and a bit more enjoyable for adults.

is a 12'x24' pool big enough for my family?
12’x24′ Intex Pool with Small Deck

How Much Do 12’x24′ Above Ground Pools Cost?

There are two options here as mentioned when talking about depth. You have your portable above-ground pools from companies like Intex and Bestway. These pools cost around $1,500 if you are looking to buy a 12’x24′. I feel it’s a good deal for a pool that will last a few summers and honestly, I really like that they can be moved around each summer for better placement or even to be resold.

Above-Ground Steel Walled Pool Kits are a bit more expensive, durable, and have a much bigger feel when you add them to your backyard. If you are really tight on space or don’t want to own it for more than 5 years or so, I would look at the portable above-ground pool options. The average price for an Oval shaped 12’x24′ above-ground pool is $3000 USD.

How Much Does a 12’x24′ Inground Pool Cost?

This is a big question, and the bane of many pool companies’ existence as inground pools are not one size fits. Contractors have to visit a backyard at home before they can give an exact estimate on the cost and location plays a huge factor as well. Pools in the Southern Parts of the United States like Florida are much cheaper than in Michigan, for example. I can give you some estimates though based on what I know from helping create contracts for my father’s business and anecdotal online evidence from several Facebook groups.

Vinyl Liner 12’x24′: Average Cost for the Kit will be $8,500 and installation will average between $30,000-$45,000 USD

Fiber Glass 12’x24′: The cost of the Fiberglass Shell with installation is $50,000 plus++

Inground Concrete 12’x24′: Very difficult to estimate but ballpark starts at $70,000 plus++

These are all ballpark figures except for the average cost of a vinyl liner kit, you can see that online on websites like pool warehouse. Inground Pools are all very specific for the build so it really is determined by what your local pool builders can offer for your situation.


Personally, Do I think that a 12×24 pool is big enough? Not for me. If I had a small family with kids and it’s my first pool for the house, I would go with the Intex for a few summers and then make a decision if I want to get a Steel wall above ground or an inground. If I did do an inground, I would get a pool larger than a 12’x24′ though, the cost to add a bit more size and depth on an inground isn’t really all that much. If you walk away from this article thinking that perhaps a 12×24 is too big! Then check out our article about 10×20 pools to see if that size might fit your yard and family the best.


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