Is a 10×20 Pool Too Small?

is a 10x20 pool too small?

Backyards have been getting smaller over the last 30 years and naturally so have pools. This has caused an increase in the number of small pools, lovingly referred to as spools, plunge pools, or cocktail pools. If you yourself have a smaller backyard and want to know, is a 10×20 pool too small? I’ll answer those questions here in this article.

A 10×20 pool can fit 2-3 people, is 200 sq. ft. in size and is ideal for smaller backyards located in cities. This is a very small pool but it can be perfect for homeowners who don’t have space, have small families, want low maintenance time, and want to save money on chemicals and utility bills.

In the rest of the article, I’m going to dig into some more information about small 10’x20′ pools and pools of a similar size.

How Many Gallons Are in a 10’x20′ Pool?

The number of gallons in a 10×20 pool will depend on the depth. The average depth of a swimming pool is typically 4ft, but I’ll dig more into depth specifics shortly. But let’s use this information to determine the approximate gallons you will have in a 10’x20′.

Approx number of Gallons in a 4ft deep 10’x20′ is 6,000.

Approx number of Gallons in a 5ft deep 10’x20′ is 7,500.

When it comes to swimming pools that is a really small amount of water, so it will be extremely quick to fill up your pool and will cost little to keep the pool water balanced with the right chemicals.

A gorgeous 10’x20′ Pool with Decking

How Deep Are 10’x20′ Pools?

This is really an interesting question and topic, especially for the inground variations of spools. These small pools are just not like typical large pools that are built with deep and shallow ends. Spools are really so small that you might have a slope from shallow to deep but it will be extremely quick and not gradual at all. In my opinion, it would be best to have steps or a small ledge for tanning that just opens into a single depth like 5ft or 6ft deep.

Let’s jump into the specific depths for the types of pools in the 10’x20′ range. If you have any questions about sizes in general, you can check out my in-depth article about pool sizes!

Fiberglass Pools are typically 4.5 feet deep on average. Fiberglass units often have a flat bottom but there are some sloping options that go from 3.5′-5′ deep. Each fiberglass manufacturer has their own unique designs but this is the average. If you are looking at the fiberglass small pool route, you should also look at the term spa. 10’x20′ is such a small pool size it could just be considered a larger hot tub if it is heated.

10×20 Vinyl Liner pools will average the same in-depth as fiberglass but there are some options to go to 6′ deep if you can move up to a 12’x20′. One of the great things about a vinyl liner inground pool is the customization that you can do to it. There are options for these small-size pools with sports bottoms that puts the deep end in the middle of the pool.

Concrete pools are completely customizable so you can work with your pool builder to create a depth that is suitable for your needs. I also believe it’s worth noting that with concrete pools you don’t have to stick with the 20′ length. If you have a bit more yard space you can easily create a narrow but long pool for your backyard.

Above-ground pools have some options for 10’x20′ small pools for your backyard as well. The depth of these pools range from 36″ to 48″. You can check out brands like Intex and Bestway which are considered the best for small portable pools. Personally, I believe it’s a great option for a first-time pool buyer to get familiar with owning a pool and the upkeep necessary. After a summer or two, you can even resell and upgrade to an inground pool.

9’x20′ Inground Pool

How Much Does a 10’x20′ Pool Cost?

Great question and a majority of this article have been about inground pools which makes it a tough question to answer. I will give this insight though for those of you looking to get a brand-new pool and are considering a small pool. A smaller size does not necessarily equal a cheaper price. The reason for getting a smaller pool is because of backyard size restraints but it shouldn’t be because of pricing because you can easily get a bigger pool like a 12’x24′ pool or a for a similar price.

It’s important to consider the minimum charges that a pool builder might charge just to take on a build. For example, even if a deck is smaller, there is a minimum charge that is issued even if all of the concrete wasn’t needed or used.

  • Small Fiberglass pools can cost between 35k-50k if you keep your build very simple, with no extra bells and whistles.
  • A Vinyl-Liner Pool will be similar in price, around 35k-50k, but could come in cheaper than fiberglass depending on your pool builder.
  • A custom concrete pool of this size is most likely going to be at a minimum of $50,000 USD, depending on location, just because of the minimum pricing mentioned before for the builders to even take on the job.
  • Above-ground 10’x20′ pools cost as little as $800 and up to $1100 depending on what time of the year you purchase the pool.

I do understand that this isn’t the best information about pricing, but this particular subject is tricky to begin with, but when you add in the size of the pool and pool builders requiring X amount of money to step onto a job it because difficult to give good ballpark figures.

As a rule of thumb for pool pricing anything in the “South” of the U.S. is going to be 20% or so cheaper than the Midwest or Northeast. California and other Western states also have good pricing on pools. If you do live in the South, you might consider building an average-sized pool like 15×30 feet because it’s such a good deal in comparison to the rest of the U.S.


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