Is a 15×30 Pool Big Enough?

is a 15x30 pool big enough?

Choosing the right pool for your backyard is definitely a daunting task, especially if you decide to get an inground pool. Once those are in, they aren’t going anywhere. Is a 15×30 pool big enough? I personally think it’s plenty big and a nice averaged size swimming pool for any home. Some might need a little bit of a bigger size and I’ll get into that later in this article. Let’s cover some quick details about 15’x30′ pools.

A 15’x30′ swimming pool is 450 sq. ft and will hold around approx. 11,000 – 14,5000 gallons of water depending on depth. A pool this size will hold 4-5 people comfortably and even more people for pool games and relaxation. This pool is a great choice for the average size family and provides enough space to have small gatherings.

Let’s make a splash and jump into some more details and common questions you will ask if you are looking to purchase a 15’x30′ pool. If you want an in-depth guide to pool size, check out my article inground pool sizes where I talk about necessary depth requirements and types of pool bottoms.

is a 15'x30' pool big enough for my family?
Inground Concrete 15×30 Pool

How Deep are 15×30 Inground Swimming Pools?

This size pool gives you many options when it comes to your pool depth and the type of pool you would like to get. Personally, I don’t believe you are looking at the depth you can get in a 20×40 pool. Check out that article if you are interested in moving up a size. A diving pool with a minimum of 8ft deep would cause too sharp of a slope in a 15×30 pool in my opinion. But, you can get to a depth of 6′-6.5′ easily and comfortably in a 15×30.

If you haven’t heard about it as well, you can look at sports pools which put the deep end in the middle of the pool with shallow ends on both sides. These pools are absolutely perfect for games like volleyball and still give you a location in your pool for the kids to jump in. For me, the 15×30 is a great size for a sports pool because the slope to reach the depth of 6ft won’t affect games like it might if you have a traditional sloping bottom pool with a deep end.

The depths mentioned above cover all types of inground pools from vinyl liner, fiberglass, and concrete.

How Deep are 15×30 Above-ground Pools?

You might feel surprised to find out that there are portable above-ground pool options at this size but there are. They are actually great options if you are looking for a pool for 3-4 summers and aren’t ready to take the financial leap for an inground pool.

The depth of these pools is 52″ or 4.3′ deep and they hold approx 14,000 gallons of water. Which isn’t too bad for a pool that only costs $2,000. You can check out highly ranked brands like Intex, Bestway, and Summer waves. If you have read my articles, you know that I think first-time pool owners should really consider getting an option like this for at least a summer before purchasing an inground pool.

15×30 Sports Pool at 5ft Depth

How Much Do 15×30 Pools Cost?

I mentioned above the price for the above-ground pools in this size but let’s touch a bit on inground pools. Which are extremely hard to price because there can be a 20%-30% difference in price just based on location! The best I can do is give ballpark figures from my own experience creating these bids in the office for concrete pools and based on anecdotal evidence from online pool groups.

We have experience with a Vinyl-Liner Pool for my mom recently, this type of pool at 15×30 in the midwest will cost you around $50,000 with minimal pool decking.

A fiberglass pool without bells and whistles and minimal decking will be a ballpark of $60,000 plus! Again, this price can range from 20%-30%. Somewhere like the Waco, Texas area you can get a 15’x30′, 5-6 ft deep pool for $55,000 not including some parts of the installation process so I would assume that after all is said and done you would spend 65k.

Inground Concrete Pools are going to be the highest price of these options and I think a pool of this size with minimal features is going to start at an average of $85,000. And the reason you go with an inground concrete pool is the features and customization options so I can easily see a pool of this size with some features going for $120,000 easily.

To show how staggering the price difference can be by location, you could get a 15×30 concrete pool in Arizona for $60,000. So, if you are serious about getting an inground pool, you really do have to reach out to a builder and ask for an estimate. You can also look at downsizing to a spool at 10×20 or 12×24.


I feel confident in saying that if you get a 15’x30′ pool there won’t be too many times you will wish you had something bigger. I believe the regrets you might have could come from not getting the depth you want if you don’t choose something a little bit bigger.


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