What is the Average Size Family Pool?

Average Size Fiberglass Pool

If you are looking to get a pool for your family to enjoy during the hot summer days then congratulations and welcome to a huge world of pool enthusiasts! I also believe you are asking the right question by trying to determine, “What is the average size family pool?”. It’s a great question and I believe the right place to start.

The average family pool with a rectangular shape is 16′ x 32′, 3.5 – 5-foot depth, approx. 18,200 gallons of water and is 512 sq. ft. The average family circular-shaped pool is 18′ wide, 4 feet deep, 254 sq. ft., and holds approx. 7,700 gallons Both of these options will comfortably fit 5-6 swimmers with enough room for games, relaxation, and swimming.

# of PeopleWidth ft.Length ft.Sq. Ft.Gallons
Average Pool Sizes Rectangular assumed Depth of 3.5 ft – 5 ft

For the rest of the article, I’m going to give some additional information about the average size family pool that you will want to consider. If you think that the dimensions I mentioned above are too big, then you can check out our article about the best small family pools.

What is the average size family pool? Will you need a big deck around it?
Decking around a Circular Above Ground pool

How Much Space is needed for an Average-Sized Pool for your Backyard?

Home Lot sizes are becoming increasingly smaller over the last 25 years. If we were to answer the question about average-sized pools back then, it would be at least a 20’x40′ pool with an 8-foot deep end also referred to as a diving pool. But these have grown out of popularity with the reduction of space on the average home lot. If you think you might like a pool that size you can read more about big family-size pools.

A good rule of thumb is that you typically don’t want your pool to take up more than 50% of your backyard. To give an example, if you would like the 16’x36′ pool that we mentioned, you’ll need a yard that is at least 32’x72′ to accommodate the needed space for decking if you decide on an inground pool.

If you are opting for an above-ground pool without a wrapping deck that is typical of above-ground pool kits with steel walls then you really will not require that much space. Especially, if you are considering one of the great Intex or Best way products. These are really just set-it-and-forget-it style pools that won’t require too much additional space around them. For me, If I can’t go with an inground pool and I am limited on space, I would absolutely grab one of these above-ground pools for a few summers.

Average Sized Inground Pool Options

If you aren’t aware there are three different options to choose from on inground pools. You have the choice of concrete, vinyl-liner, or fiberglass. All of them have their pros and cons and come in various shapes and sizes, you can read a whole lot more about these options and their depths over on my article about inground pool sizes.

Concrete pools are highly desirable because of their complete customization. If you want a small pool shaped like a duck, you can do that with a concrete pool. Vinyl Liner has a bit more customization as well but fiberglass really has no customization because it’s a precast shell. I won’t get into concrete or Vinyl liner pool sizes because they are both customizable.

Average Sized Fiberglass Pool Options

This isn’t an exhaustive list as there are numerous pool sellers, manufacturers, and installation experts of fiberglass pools around the world. But this is a bit of an idea of what to expect for size and price with a fiberglass pool with an average size.

Fiberglass Pool Size (WxL)ShapeAvg. Price w/Installation
Avg. Price is extremely variable on location and builder

Average Sized Above-ground Swimming Pools

As mentioned previously, above-ground pools have really come a long way in their design and ease to setup. If you have never been a pool owner, I think of these newer easy-to-buy and install above-ground pools as training wheels before the huge investment of an inground pool. These pools can help you grasp a bit of the work involved in maintenance and upkeep on your pool to help you make the decision if you really want to take the leap into the pool owner’s world.

Intex Above Ground Pool

The portability of the smaller above-ground pools is great for first-time buyers looking for an average-sized pool as well, because if you put it in the wrong place.. just take it down at the end of the season and move it for next summer. If you opt for the larger average-sized pool, this will give you the input you need on the correct size inground pool you want before you make the purchase.

Brand and ModelSizePrice
Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set24ft x 12ft x 52in$1,799.00
Bestway Steel Pro MAX14ft x 4ft x 14in$478.55
Summer Waves Elite Wicker Print Above Ground Pool18ft x 48in$568.99
Intex Easy Set Above Ground Pool18′ x 48″$408.79
Average Sized Portable Above Ground Pools

If you want to get steel walled above-ground kit and give it a nice wooden deck around the top, I don’t think that’s a bad option either. I think the pool warehouse is an excellent supplier of these kits and their website will give you a good start on what is available to you.

NameDiameterWall HeightSteel WallsPrice
Mt. Loch18′52″Yes$2,688.00
Pool Warehouse Above Ground Pool Kits Example

These are really durable pools when well maintained. My friend’s family had their above-ground pool kit for over 20 years and were still able to have it taken down and were able to sell it after her father passed away.

In conclusion, if you’re not looking for a long-term commitment then I would be quick to grab one of the Intex or Bestway pools, especially during the winter when you can get a great deal. But, as the son of a pool builder, in-ground pools are the way to go if you can afford them. They are an amazing way to really transform your back yard and I believe the 16’x32′ is an excellent size that will make most average-sized families really happy.


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