What Size Pool is Best for a Big Family?

What size pool is best for a big family?

A big family needs a big pool for the summer! At least, that’s what I think! At least for parents, it relieves the pressure of running around during the summer holiday into a matter of just opening the backdoor and letting the kids loose!

If you don’t have that backyard pool yet, you might be wondering what size pool is best for a big family.

A large family of 6 or more people should look at getting a 20’x40′ rectangular pool or 24′ round pool. These pool sizes will provide a large family with enough space to play games and relax in the same pool. Both of these pool sizes are available for above-ground and inground pool types. The initial cost for these larger size pools will be higher but in most pool owners’ circles the old adage is bigger is better!

In this article, we will discuss a bit more about other size options for big families and some of the advantages that come with a bigger pool. I’ll also touch on the biggest portable above-ground pool sizes.

What is a Good Size Family Pool?

A good size family pool is the size that checks the most boxes regarding the activities your family enjoys doing in the pool. I say that a 20’x40′ pool is the best size for a big family but that is with the assumption that the family will be playing games and being very active. Personally, I remember pissing my mom off as a kid because I was jumping in the pool right next to her as she was trying to catch a bit of sun. Our pool might have been a bit too small for us. You might think I’m recommending a pool that is too big, you can check out average size family pool sizes here.

These are the types of things that need to be considered when we talk about choosing the right pool size for your family. Can everyone do what they want to do in the pool comfortably? I created a formula using polls from online pool groups to determine what other pool owners thought was the perfect size pool for a family. I came up with the equation that you’ll need 130 sq. ft. per person in your pool. For a family of 6, we are looking at a minimum of 780 sq. ft. which is very close to the 800 sq. ft. of a 20’x40′ pool.

Will a Large Inground Pool be Expensive?

Yes, it will be expensive compared to an above-ground pool. There is no doubt about that. You can barely even compare the price of the two because they are so astronomically different. There are pros and cons to each one but for brevity’s sake, If your budget is less than $50,000 then I wouldn’t even consider looking at an inground pool for now. You might not even need the size you think you do, if you have a family of 4, check out that article to find out.

You can find a ton of options for above-ground pools that will be big enough for your large family and cost you 1/8th of the price for the cheapest inground pool. Also, it’s not permanent. So when you are ready to take that step into the inground pool world, you can tear down your above-ground pool, sell it, and then move on to bigger and better.

What are the Advantages of Big Inground Pools?

The specific advantages of big inground pools vs big above-ground pools won’t be related to size. Technically, you can have exactly the same size but the depth will be very different. A 20’x40′ pool can become a diving pool with an 8ft deep end. Aboveground pools will never be that deep and will never be suitable for diving!

You also have the aesthetic nature of inground pools that can transform a backyard into a beautiful gathering place at your home. Above-ground pools just typically never look that good, especially from ground level.

What are the Most Popular Big Inground Pool Sizes?

The most popular big inground pool sizes start at 20’x40′ and go up to 30’x50′. These pools are getting into the 1,000 sq. ft. range of a pool which is a monster pool! If you are going all out to build the perfect pool with enough room for literally everything, then a bigger pool is definitely the way to do it. I would begin to argue though that might be just too much pool for anyone unless you are hosting regular parties. You can deep dive into pool depth and sizes here in my article about inground pool sizes.

What are the Most Popular Big Above Ground Pool Sizes?

You can probably feel from my tone that I prefer inground pools, but literally, who doesn’t? They look way better honestly.

With that being said, we have had plenty of above-ground pools and I think they are a great option on a budget. The best part is that they aren’t a long-term commitment like the inground pool. If you decide to go with an above-ground pool, you have portable easy set-up pools like Intex and Bestway. You also have the above-ground pool kits with steel walls which can get much bigger.

The biggest and most popular above-ground pool sizes go from 18′ in diameter to 30′ in diameter for round pools but you can find 20’x40′ oval and rectangular above-ground pools as well. If you get something this big and want to keep it for a few years, adding a wooden deck around the pool can make what is typically an eyesore into something really nice for your home.


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