What Size Pool is Best for a Family of 5?

what size pool is best for a family of 5?

5 people in the family is a bit rarer than it was just a few decades ago and I say good on you for keeping the world populated and strong! You deserve a bit of a break because raising 3 kids is hard work, I know, I come from a rather big family myself. If you want to build a pool in your backyard for your family choosing the right size and depth is an important step so I’ll answer the question, What size pool is best for a family of 5?

The perfect size pool for a family of 5 is a 16’x36′ or 18’x36′ rectangular shaped pool or a round shaped pool 24′ in diameter. This size is great for depths of 3.5 feet to 6 feet or deeper if you would like which is perfect for a family of 5. A pool of this shape and depth will allow your family enough space to relax, swim, and play games comfortably and provide enough room for a few friends to join in!

In the rest of the article, I’ll talk about what options you have for pools this size. If you want to check out more size options you can read my article about inground pool sizes!

How Deep Should Your Pool Be?

I dig into great “depth” about this in the article linked above but it’s worth touching on again. This really depends on who is using the pool and what they enjoy doing in it. A family-sized pool for 5 will be slightly bigger so you can get your depth to 6.5′ comfortably but the slope will increase quite quickly in the pool. The issue with this is that it will begin to limit the amount of shallow end in your pool. Why is that a problem? Because most games played by children are done in the shallow end of the pool. Think about playing a game of volleyball, even for adults as you play on the end of the pool that leans towards the deep end, you’ll be fighting to keep your head above water as you will be playing on the slope to that deep end.

If you opt for a round above-ground pool, you aren’t going to face that issue and your options for depth are really limited depending on which way you go with the above-ground pool. The typical above-ground pool is a flat bottom with a consistent 4 ft depth throughout the whole. Which is great for games, terrible, and dangerous for jumping in my opinion. with the 16’x36′ you can get enough space to create a jumping area with jumping rocks at 6.5′ to 7′ which is a better option. I’ll talk about the difference between the above-ground and inground pool sizes for a family of 5 to give you a better idea of what’s right for you.

What is a Good Inground Pool Size for a Family of 5?

If you read my article, what size pool is best for a family of 4, you’ll see that I don’t recommend an inground pool that technically should fit that family size. I believe the size that I am recommending now at 16’x36′ is really the smallest size you want to go for an inground pool. So, with a family of 5, you are really in this sweet spot where an inground pool can be a perfect option for you if the budget and backyard space is there. Of course, this is my opinion, but I handle all of the bids for my dad’s inground pool company and I understand the costs of an inground pool. It isn’t the cheapest option and adding size doesn’t really add much to the initial cost.

Your options for the type of inground pool are concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl these are listed most expensive to cheapest respectively. You can get all of these at a 16’x36′ size or round shaped at 24′ in diameter. If you do opt for the round shape pool, I do believe your money is better spent on an above-ground pool. That is just my opinion though and there are some really nice round-shaped inground pools out there, but if I’m paying the price for an inground pool, I want something a bit longer and customized.

What is a Good Above-Ground Pool Size for a Family of 5?

24′ in diameter is a great big pool and is a perfectly good option for an above-ground pool. This is a large size so you won’t want to get the portable easy-to-set-up pools like Intex or Bestway. This pool will be best as a pool kit with steel walls and a vinyl liner. You can find a ton of options for this at poolwarehouse.com. These above-ground pools might be a bit of an eye-sore compared to inground pools but they are really durable and don’t look bad at all with some nice decking built around them. If you believe that this isn’t the best option for you though, then you could downgrade to a smaller-sized above-ground pool. Here are a few models that you can choose from:

Brand and ModelSizePrice
Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set24ft x 12ft x 52in$1,799.00
Bestway Steel Pro MAX14ft x 4ft x 14in$478.55
Summer Waves Elite Wicker Print Above Ground Pool18ft x 48in$568.99
Intex Easy Set Above Ground Pool18′ x 48″$408.79
Coleman Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Above Ground Pool14′ x 8’x 40″$749.99
Intex Metal Frame Above Ground Pool15′ x 48″$619.99
Wilbar Round Above Ground Pool24′$3,415.00
Summer Escapes Quick Set Above Ground Pool10′ x 2’6″$48.88

As you can see, these aren’t as large as my recommendation but if you only want it for a few summers before you invest in an above-ground steel wall kit or an inground pool. I believe it’s a perfect option for a family of 5. I hope this was helpful, if you think you might be adding another little one to the family be sure to check out my article what size pool is best for a family of 6!


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