What Size Pool is Best for a Family of 6?

What size pool is best for a family of 6?

If you found this article then you have quite a big family! And so do I, so I completely understand the wanting to have enough space in the pool for everyone. I’m going to give my opinion on what size pool is best for a family of 6 but I believe you should be prepared for the cost of a pool of this size if you opt for an inground pool.

A family of 6 should get a pool that is a 20’x40′ rectangular inground pool or a 28′ in diameter round above-ground pool. A rectangular pool at this size can be over 8′ deep and used for diving while still allowing a ton of shallow area at 3.5 feet for games and relaxation. An above-ground pool will be flat bottom at 4′-5′ deep consistently. You’ll need enough space in your backyard to fit not only the pool but also the decking which can be substantial which is where a lot of the added cost comes in for these large pool builds.

I’ll dive into more about the right pool for your large family but if you want to check in more “depth” about size, pool bottoms, and best depths for an inground pool, read my article here.

Big Pools are an Exciting Option!

Well, technically, all pools are pretty exciting to the family getting a pool. But the options that come with a large pool are numerous and exciting. Specifically with inground pools, unfortunately, above-ground pools are pretty standard and the creativity comes from the surrounding deck that you might build for your above-ground.

Big pools are going to provide a ton of space for swimming, games, relaxation, jumping, and diving! Diving only for inground pools though! Diving pools are actually a specific type of pool and they are really only a viable option in my experience starting at 20’x40′ otherwise you cut off too much shallow end of your pool limiting the options for games.

The downside to a bigger pool is going to be the initial upfront cost to build or install, annual maintenance, a higher budget on pool chemicals, and more time-consuming to keep the pool clean. With that being said, most people think it is completely worth it!

What is a Good Inground Pool Size for a Family of 6?

As mentioned, 20’x40′ is the best option. You could choose something a little smaller if your backyard doesn’t have quite the space, if so check out my article about what size pool is best for a family of 5. If you do opt for something a bit smaller, I think you are going to be okay but most people don’t realize that adding a bit more size and depth doesn’t really add to the cost of the pool build by much. The costly choices that really add to the cost of the pool are type, shape, and features! I would add to my size and depth a bit before opting for something like laminars or deck jets.

Personally, even though it’s an exciting option, I would not go for the 8 ft deep end on my pool but would stay somewhere around 6.5′-7′ with jump rocks at the end. If you have a lot of teenagers that aren’t going to listen to your no head-first diving rule though, you might choose to go for that 8 ft diving pool. This is a personal choice of course, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of people really feeling happy with the choice of a diving pool just for the peace of mind it allows.

What is a Good Above-ground Pool Size for a Family of 6?

I believe for a family of this size you have to go with the 28′ diameter above-ground steel wall pool kit. There are larger sizes available as well if you want to opt for something bigger. They also have oval-shaped as well, so you can choose something like the 20’x40′ that I recommend for the inground pool.

The above-ground pool route is going to cost way less than a large inground pool. For example, a Grecian above-ground pool at 20’x40′ is $16,000. Above-ground pools can be taken down, moved, and resold when you are ready to move on from the pool. The pool kits are really durable as well and can last decades when they are taken care of. They are an eye-sore in comparison to a large inground pool but if we were being honest, it’s about the time spent with our family and the memories created. I don’t think back on any of the above-ground pools we had as a kid and remember thinking they weren’t attractive looking, I just wanted to swim and play as a kid!

The biggest downside is the lack of depth available for these pools. There are some liner options that are expandable so you could dig out a deeper end on your above-ground pool if it is something you choose to do. This should get your pool to about 6′-7′ deep depending on the liner. Typically though, most people are not going to do this so you’ll have a depth of 4′-5′ throughout the entire pool. This depth is great for games like volleyball and it’s a suitable depth for jumping if your children are small. I do not recommend jumping at this depth for teens or adults. Absolutely, no head-first diving in an above-ground pool as well.

Save Up for an Inground Pool!

I am a bit biased because my dad builds inground concrete pools for a living. If the budget wasn’t there for me, I would opt to get an intex or bestway above-ground pool for a few summers until I could afford to make the purchase of an inground pool. These pools are great, easy to set up, and cheap. After a few summers, you can upgrade to something you want to invest in for the future whether that is a steel wall above ground with a nice wooden deck wrapping around or an inground pool. This would also give a better idea of what size, location, and depth you would want for your forever pool in the future.


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